Hi, I'm David Ryal Anderson!

I help other people use technology to help other people.

My Values

I can argue any side of an argument & I don't really believe in absolutes. But I do believe:

trust > control
inspiration > calculation
cooperation > competition
benefit > profit
empathy > sympathy

My Skills

Web Publishing


Digital Currency

Social Enterprise

I find solutions.

I draw on experience in a wide range of disciplines to identify key issues, and make progress.

In the Gift.

Most of the work I do is given at a reduced rate or as a pay-what-you-can gift. Strangely, it works.

So you don't have to.

I navigate technology so that people who help the world can focus on giving their own gifts.

My Story

Down the rabbit hole...
  • 2006

    Renewzle, GreenOptions.com

    I chose to stumble into entrepreneurship rather than endure grad school

  • 2008

    Green Options Media

    Expanded one of the first green blogs to the first green blog network

  • 2009


    Joined one of the first experiments in tech-focused social enterprise incubation

  • 2010

    Important Media

    I set out to make revenue-sharing in green blogging work, for real.

  • 2012


    Built a niche crowdfunding site for social change, launched a successful beta at SXSW2013

  • 2013

    The Huntridge

    Led a successful $200k+ crowdfunding campaign to help save one of the last historical landmarks in downtown Las Vegas

  • 2014

    Trust Labs, ChooseKen.com, Simbi

    Digging deeper into value, a political campaign, and a return to the Bay Area

  • 2015

    Back to the Bay Area

    My favorite kinds of projects are the kinds that are uniquely abundant in the bay area -- beneath all the headlines about unicorn startups, there is a thriving ecosystem of social enterprises, nonprofits and cooperatives, waiting to break out into the wider world. Since returning to the Bay, I settled in Oakland and have been consulting for a wide variety of mission-focused projects. Here's to 2016!